The little things…

Do you ever get hung up on the little things while trying to get big things done?  Sometimes I do — I often find that by understanding little things, you get some perspective on the big things.

Anyway, today I wanted to work on my servers and I was getting tired of going into the cold lab and sitting at the console.  I like using xterms, so I fired up my Cygwin/X environment to get some xterms up.  One problem — no xterm menu option on the Start menu.  So?  Shouldn’t be hard just to add the shortcut — but no.  Lots of errors about missing .dll’s and such-not.  The easy solution was to install the X-start-menu-icons package — but it took me a while to realize I hadn’t selected that during my initial install…

Ok.   I get my xterms.  I fiddle with the colors in cygwin\etc\X11\app-defaults\XTerm to get nice white letters on a black background, along with a scrollbar and some decent sized fonts (couldn’t remember if I was supposed to use .Xresources or .Xdefaults — so went with the global configs):

*foreground: white
*background: black
*font: 10×20
*scrollBar: true

Ahh… much better.  Now, on to the servers.  Run some commands.  Select, copy, paste.  Paste.  PASTE!  Okay, now why doesn’t the middle button on the mouse work when pasting in xterms?  Little or no google help — most people have 2 button mice and want to simulate the third button.  I’ve got a third button and it doesn’t work.  Seems to work fine in Windows.

It’s a Logitech V270 Bluetooth travel mouse — I like it.  So I go into the control panel — nothing.  I check the mouse tabs in the mouse control panel and select “SetPoint” — the Logitech mouse management software.  Click on the middle-button — it’s set to “AutoScroll”.  That seems ok.  But no, I need to select “Other”, then “Select Function”, and then choose “Generic Button”.  All fine and dandy now…

(Thanks to this info…)

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  1. Frits Hoogland Says:

    If you want an extremely easy X setup on windows, consider using Xming ( That’s a click-n-run free X server too.

    (I used to use the cygwin X server too, but cygwin’s purpose is getting you a development environment, not getting you unix/linux tools (like X) in the most convenient way)

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