The smallest possible set

of init.ora parameters, that is.  I can’t wait until our next upgrade — every time we do, I go through the init.ora file and remove some more parameters.  The Oracle defaults keep getting better and better.  Any parameter where the default is bigger / better than our current value — gone.  Any parameter made OBE by another one — gone.  Anything put in place to work around a bug that’s been fixed — gone.

Yes, I still use text-based init.ora files — call me old-fashioned.  But I like them because:

  1. I can put comments in them to say what I was thinking when we set some value
  2. I can check them into source code control and nicely see differences
  3. I can read them before starting the instance to see what it will do

I always cringe when someone sends me their init.ora with a ton of junk in it — stuff left over from too many upgrades.  Stuff that says “SMALL”, “MEDIUM”, “LARGE”.  Stuff from 6.0.36 or 7.0.12 :-)

I’m curious to see how few parameters I can get mine down to :-)

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