Repo Man

A long, long time ago, I used to be know as Mr. Replication for Oracle.  I got the opportunity to work as part of consulting along side the developers of the original replication option for Oracle 7 (7.1.6).

This topic came up the other day when I overheard one of my colleagues working with MySQL replication and asking questions that were causing me to have flashbacks (not the query kind).

Sure enough, I checked my bookshelf and found 2 yellowed copies of Oracle magazine from 1995 (Volume IX, numbers 5 & 6) which contained detailed articles on strategies and techniques for replication.  And in the “everything old is new again” department, much of the content was relevant to the problems my friend was working on with MySQL.

I handed the magazines to my friend, recommending them as having been written by a real expert in replication.  He commented on the age of the materials, and chuckled when he saw my name as the author.

I’ve placed the original paper over on the right in the content section.  Maybe some other MySQL folks will find it useful.


(By the way, this is not a knock on MySQL — I personally think that every Oracle DBA should be conversant in competing databases like MySQL, SQL Server and/or DB2.  Knowledge about when each one is suitable for particular uses never hurts).

Oddly, I didn’t get top billing in either magazine — instead there was this other article about something called “Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) for Oracle 7″… :-)

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  1. Doug Burns Says:

    Oh, I’ll be getting back to blogging about OFA soon – trust me!

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