Hold it right there…

Looks like our MySQL migration work is on hold for now — the server is undergoing recovery.  But in any event I think I’m going to abandon work with using ODBC through Oracle HS to Oracle XE conversion.  In all, I think that approach would work for a light-weight system (i.e, systems between 1-3GB in database size, and without TEXT / LONG columns).  But the MySQL database I’m looking at is about 80-100GB in size — small, but big enough (and including TEXT columns), that I’m probably going to move up to Oracle Migration Workbench andfull-blown Oracle 10g.

Now, if I can only scrounge up a stable test / development system…

4 Responses to “Hold it right there…”

  1. Niall Litchfield Says:


    Isn’t XE limited to 4gb data anyway? Text/long/binary data is nearly always an issue for migrations in my experience.



  2. ddelmoli Says:

    Yep — 4GB limit. I’m curious to see how the Migration Workbench handles the text/long/clob data too.

  3. gkohler Says:


    I have to migrate a MySQL DB to an Oracle XE DB. Did you managed to migrate your data using Oracle Migration Workbench ?
    Do you think that using mysqldump can be a going way of achieving this ?
    Thanks a lot for your help.



  4. ddelmoli Says:

    Depends on the size… I like the workbench for schema structure conversion. Not so much for data conversion. mysqldump and sqlloader work well too.

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