What’s all the buzz about?

During the course of recent twitter / RSS reading, I came across an interesting post related to the old FizzBuzz problem. The post intrigued me for 2 reasons: it talks about solving a basic problem in Scala, and it emphasizes the use of functional programming. And just for grins and chuckles it calls out OOP based on an old paper from 1984 by John Hughes on Why Functional Programming Matters.

I’m a big fan of functional programming, even if my language of choice, SQL, is a poor example of it. Although, I tend to think functional when I write SQL, I know that the language is limited in that respect.

However, when I think about problems that need to be solved in an Oracle database system, I always try to exhaust SQL-based solutions before looking to PL/SQL (I’ve always enjoyed Tom Kyte’s mantra on the subject). It’s one of the reasons that systems I have influence over have very little imperative PL/SQL constructs.

I also strive to write modular, relatively self-explanatory SQL to combat the reputation of SQL as a “difficult” language — all languages are difficult when you are confronted with them :-)

Anyway, the post under discussion describes an inverse FizzBuzz problem with a description of working through various solutions using the function constructs of Scala, and many people have had a go at solving it.

One of my favorites is in F#, Microsoft’s functional language.

Anyway, here’s my attempt at it — I’m not entirely satisfied with it yet, but it was fun to write:

fb0 as (
select       'fizz,buzz' input
from         dual
fb1 as (
select       level n,
               when mod(level,3) = 0 and mod(level,5) <> 0 then 'fizz'
               when mod(level,5) = 0 and mod(level,3) <> 0 then 'buzz'
               when mod(level,3) = 0 and mod(level,5) = 0  then 'fizzbuzz'
             end fb,
             lead(level,1) over (order by level) next_n
from         dual
where        mod(level,3) = 0 or mod(level,5) = 0
connect by   level <= 100
fb2 as (
select       connect_by_root n n_root,
             level pos,
from         fb0,
where        level <= nvl(length(regexp_replace(fb0.input,'\w'))+1,1)
start with   fb1.fb = regexp_substr(fb0.input,'\w+')
connect by   prior fb1.next_n = fb1.n
fb3 as (
select       listagg(fb2.fb,',') within group (order by fb2.pos) fb_str,
             listagg(fb2.n,',') within group (order by fb2.pos) n_str,
             max(fb2.n) - min(fb2.n) n_length,
             min(fb2.n) n_min
from         fb0,
group by     fb2.n_root
having       listagg(fb2.fb,',') within group (order by fb2.pos) = fb0.input
fb4 as (
select       fb3.n_length,
             min(fb3.n_length) over () min_length,
             min(fb3.n_min) over (partition by fb3.n_length) min_start
from         fb3
fb5 as (
select       fb4.fb_str,
from         fb4
where        fb4.n_length = fb4.min_length
and          fb4.n_min = fb4.min_start
select       *
from         fb5;

I'm not entirely happy with it -- I'd like to combine fb2 with fb3, and fb4 with fb5. I'd also like to rewrite it with recursive subqueries instead of the connect by's and listagg's, but it's not too bad.

One of the things I'm starting to like with the WITH construct is how easy it is to debug the overall statement -- I can just replace the final SELECT with whichever subquery I want to test in order to see what results it's "passing" to the next subquery. Go ahead and try it to see!

4 Responses to “What’s all the buzz about?”

  1. Todd Barry Says:

    Hi Dominic – really enjoy your blog entries. I think out of all the Oracle blogs I read, your topics are most interesting to me and relate very closely to my work projects.

    Was just looking at this query real quick and on I get an ORA-00979 that points to the fb0.input reference in the HAVING clause of fb3. Using the literal instead or adding to the GROUP BY clause gets around the error, but I was wondering if this query did run for you in some environment.

  2. ddelmoli Says:

    Hmm, I’m using and not getting that error — I’ll have to take a closer look.

  3. ddelmoli Says:

    I forgot the original post!

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